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Guadalupe Meza-Negrete

Guadalupe Meza-Negrete is a driven and ambitious student at George Mason University, currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Her exceptional academic achievements and research prowess have earned her the prestigious opportunity to serve as a research assistant in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program at George Mason University.

In this role, Guadalupe has been actively involved in the Indigenous Environmental Mapping project, collaborating closely with two Indigenous nations in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Her efforts have been instrumental in collecting and analyzing environmental data and socio-environmental surveys, contributing significantly to the project's success in mapping and preserving the greater Chesapeake region's environment.

Guadalupe's interests in Anthropology stem from her previous internship at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. During this internship, she participated in the Youth Engagement through Science program as a Botany Department intern, where she developed a passion for sociocultural aspects and environmental mapping and preservation.

Currently, Guadalupe is further expanding her knowledge and skills as an Engineering Assistant, preparing herself for future endeavors. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Guadalupe plans to pursue graduate studies to deepen her research experience and knowledge and advance toward her career goal of becoming an Anthropologist.

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